HDMI L shaped Connector Cable Male to Female Converter Adapter 90 degree 270 Degree

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Brand owned Unknown, HDMI L shaped Connector Cable Male to Female Converter Adapter 90 degree 270 Degree cheapest $2 sale since launch 6 item sold with 1 likes and reviews 2 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Mainland China so Feeship
  • Audio Compatibility: PC & Laptop, Projector, Tv
  • AV Cable Type: HDMI
  • HDMI L shaped Connector Cable Male to Female Converter AdapterHDMI L shaped Connector Cable Male to Female Converter Adapter 90 degree 270 Degree
    Features :

    90 Degree / 270 degree Angle helps to connect your HDMI cable to your equipment when space is limited. For instance when you have a TV mounted close to the wall it can make it difficult to hook up your HDMI cables to the inputs on the back of the TV. This device can help alleviate some of that difficulty.HDMI L shaped Connector Cable Male to Female Converter Adapter 90 degree 270 Degree

    100% Brand New, High Quality - Connector : Male to Female HDMI Connector

    The Gold Plated Interface Ensures the Highest Performance Connection between HDMI Components or Cables

    Makes It Easy to Enjoy the Ultra-high Definition VideoHDMI L shaped Connector Cable Male to Female Converter Adapter 90 degree 270 Degree

    HDMI 1.4 and Backward Compatible

    Plug and Play

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