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Brand owned Unknown, ELO LIVING NANO-1 INTEGRATED H2O WATER SYSTEM cheapest $495 sale since launch 1 item sold with 0 likes and reviews 0 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in SG so Feeship
Introducing the 3-in-1 NANO-1 Integrated H2O Water System, allowing us to provide you with greater cost savings on water filtration systems. ELO LIVING NANO-1 INTEGRATED H2O WATER SYSTEM

PUB Water Efficiency Labelling System (WELS) Certified Drinking Faucet
Accredited Ball Valve in accordance with PUB stipulated standards

Anti-bacterial silver-impregnated mesh traps sediments and suspended solids like rust.
High-performance NSF certified activated carbon block reduces chlorine, solid contaminants, bad taste and odour.
Nanofibre disc blocks bacteria, submicron inorganic and organic contaminants, via electro-absorption.ELO LIVING NANO-1 INTEGRATED H2O WATER SYSTEM

Other results of ELO LIVING NANO-1 INTEGRATED H2O WATER SYSTEM exclude lazada & shopee

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