Dumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness

$11 $8
Brand owned Unknown, Dumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness cheapest $8 sale since launch 58 item sold with 1 likes and reviews 11 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Mainland China so Feeship
Welcome! Dumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness


⭐CN Fujian seller

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⭐ Delivery time 11-25 days

⭐New gift boxDumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness


⭐About after-sales service
⭐ Delivery time is about 2 weeks.
⭐Before receiving the goods, please be sure to open the package and check
⭐If the outer box is damaged, please do not sign.Dumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness
⭐If the product is damaged or there are other quality problems, please contact customer service.
⭐Provide outer packaging and product pictures, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
⭐Customer service time: 9:00-21:00
⭐1. Scope of delivery in Singapore
⭐(1) Delivery can be made throughout Singapore.
⭐(2) If you can use the elevator to transport the goods directly to your door, there will be no additional costs. The weight of the cargo should be within the carrying capacity of the trolley, and the weight of a single item must be less than 50 kg.
⭐(3) If there is no elevator in the building or the items cannot be sent to the elevator, the porter will charge a fee of S$35 for two people, and an additional S$13 per floor. The weight of a single item must be less than 50 kg. If the oversized cargo cannot enter the elevator and corridor, you need to communicate with the on-site delivery staff to negotiate the price of the upstairs service.Dumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness
⭐(4) Ceramic tile panels can only be shipped downstairs or in the designated unloading area. If the goods need to be transported upstairs, it will cost you S$20 per hour without damage compensation.
⭐(5) If the second delivery is caused by the customer, an additional $35 will be charged for each order.
⭐(6) If you need delivery personnel to wait, the waiting time should be within half an hour (30 minutes).
⭐(7) If you need to change the address, you must operate on the platform before shipping.

⭐2. Disclaimer: We go by sea. The product may be damaged during transportation. Our shop does not accept unreasonable returns. If you mind, please purchase with caution, please understand.

⭐If parts of the product are damaged and cannot be used normally, we will resend new parts for you. . Thank you! Please keep in mind that we will use sea shipping to ship your items. Customers usually receive your order within 3-4 weeks. Thanks!

●●●●●●●●●●●●●Weight: 2kgx1
Dumbbells 5kg 10kg 20kg PVC Non-slip Dumbbells For Men And Women Arm Exercise Household Fitness

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