Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock / Cylindrical Deadbolts / Double Cylinder Deadbolts / Main Door Lock

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  • Deadbolt locks keep homes, offices, and jobsites secure. They feature a solid, retractable bolt that slides into a corresponding mortise in a door frame when the door is closed and the cylinder is turned. Deadbolts can be used in combination with standard doorknob locksets to add an extra layer of security.Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock / Cylindrical Deadbolts / Double Cylinder Deadbolts / Main Door Lock

    Deadbolts feature a unique locking mechanism that resists physical attacks, battering and boring. They cannot be opened with a knife or hand tool and performs better in terms of providing security. Generally recommended for main door security and are considered best for residential security.

    Double cylinder deadbolts function the same way as single cylinder deadbolts, except that they don’t feature a thumb turn on the inside. Instead, a key is used to lock and unlock either side of the door. These locks are mainly used in homes where entry doors have glass panels, at it prevents burglars and intruders from opening the door when they break through the glass. Double cylinder deadbolts operate with a key on both sides of the deadbolt.

    This type of deadbolt offers extra security for homes but is not recommended for doors with windows that could be used as emergency exits.

    - 3 keys included.
    - Enhanced security.
    - SUS304 Stainless Steel (For Satin Steel).
    - Solid Brass material (For Antique Bronze & Antique Copper).
    - For door thickness 32 to 45mm.
    - For use on exterior doors where keyed entry and security is needed.Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock / Cylindrical Deadbolts / Double Cylinder Deadbolts / Main Door Lock
    - Features an adjustable latch to fit all standard door preparations.
    - Includes adjustable backset to fit all standard door preparations.

    Basket size: 60mm / 70mm adjustable

    - Satin SteelDouble Cylinder Deadbolt Lock / Cylindrical Deadbolts / Double Cylinder Deadbolts / Main Door Lock
    - Antique Bronze
    - Antique Copper

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