Children's Plain Pants Girls Baggy Pants

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Brand owned Unknown, Children's Plain Pants Girls Baggy Pants cheapest $11 sale since launch 37 item sold with 35 likes and reviews 9 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Indonesia so Feeship
  • Gender: Girl
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Material: Cotton, Textile
  • Waist Height: Others
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • Girls Plain Baggy PantsChildren's Plain Pants Girls Baggy Pants
    For Kids Age 6-14 years old

    There is an interesting Color Option
    Cute and Fashionable
    Not easy tangle
    Comfortable to Use
    Quality Material
    Best quality for your little one
    Safe In Children's Use
    Best PRICE

    Micro SUPER POLY


    Size 6 Children's Plain Pants Girls Baggy Pants
    Estimated Age 4 - 6 Years Old
    62 cm long pants
    Waist WAIST 40CM

    Size 8
    Estimated Age 7 - 8 Years Old
    Pants Length:68cm
    43 cm wide waistband

    Size 10
    Estimated Age 9 - 10 Years Old
    Pants Length:76CM
    Waist WAIST 46 cm

    Size 12
    Estimated Age 11 - 12 Years Old
    Pants Length:82cm Children's Plain Pants Girls Baggy Pants
    49 cm wide waistband

    Size 14
    Estimated Age 13 - 14 Years Old
    Pants length 85Cm
    52 cm wide waistband

    Don't Stare the same age yes sis Age is just an estimate for more accurate
    Adjust to the size of the fruit heart..


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