BIO-X KLEANZE Humidifier Solution Package

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Brand owned Unknown, BIO-X KLEANZE Humidifier Solution Package cheapest $3 sale since launch 178 item sold with 26 likes and reviews 53 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in SG so Feeship
  • Air Purifier Features: Anti-Bacteria, Humidifier, Anti-Virus, Insect Repellent
  • Scent: Fresh Pine
  • Volume Capacity: 30ml
  • Battery Type: USB Rechargeable
  • 200ml Bio-X Humidiifer Solution + Nano Spray MistBIO-X KLEANZE Humidifier Solution Package

    How to disinfect & sanitize Effectively and Efficiently.

    We understand that amidst this pandemic, you have many other important matters to attend to; and it is impossible to be disinfecting your environment 24/7.

    Bio-X Kleanze is a solution for Continuous Protection, and usage us as easy as 123. BIO-X KLEANZE Humidifier Solution Package

    Most importantly, Bio-X Kleanze is Organic & Alcohol-Free, Chlorine-Free, and it us also an Insect Repellent (DEET-Free)

    Suitable for use with Humidifier, Mist-fans, Air-coolers, etc.

    Recommended for: Home, Office, Car, Retail Shops, Restaurants/Cafe, Hotels/Hotel Rooms, Salon/Spa/Massage, Schools, Hospitals/Clinics, Air-conditioned Areas, Places of Worship, etcBIO-X KLEANZE Humidifier Solution Package

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