Angelus Sole Bright 4oz (118ml)

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Bring your yellowed soles/midsoles back to life with this amazing product! Completely reverses oxidation that usually occurs on icy/rubber soles. Safe for all soles and will not hinder glow properties.Angelus Sole Bright 4oz (118ml)

We strongly recommend to check out youtube for it’s various tutorials prior to using.


- Apply a light/medium coat of Sole Bright to Oxidized parts of shoes to be treated.
- Make sure to apply very lightly around edges to avoid the product from running onto unwanted areas.
- Avoid contact with non-rubber materials as it may burn them.
- Cover in the clear wrap to prevent the product from evaporating.Angelus Sole Bright 4oz (118ml)
- Leave in sun for 1-6 hours (1 hr for midsoles, 4-6 hours for clear/icy soles). Check back periodically.
- Multiple sessions are necessary for clear/icy soles and older shoes.


Try to place shoes as level as possible to avoid run-off onto unwanted areas.
Multiple sessions will be necessary for extremely yellowed soles/material.
Sole separation may occur in extremely hot weather. We recommend stuffing the shoe with a sandwich bag filled with ice to avoid separation.
Don't be fooled by other products that say you can get a sole clear in one session that is heavily yellowed.Angelus Sole Bright 4oz (118ml)

Do note that the barcodes are masked off.

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