Aerogaz 70cm Vitro Ceramic Induction Hob AZ-7348VC

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Brand owned aerogaz, Aerogaz 70cm Vitro Ceramic Induction Hob AZ-7348VC cheapest $458 sale since launch 4 item sold with 7 likes and reviews 2 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in SG so Feeship
  • Stove Type: Electricity / Induction / Infra-red
  • Burner Type: Electrical Induction
  • Induction Cooker Features: Digital Control, Induction Cooker Features, Timer
  • Safety Mark: 888
  • Description: 70cm Vitro-ceramic HobAerogaz 70cm Vitro Ceramic Induction Hob AZ-7348VC

    Model: AZ-7348VC

    - Full black crystal glass, Sleek design, easy to clean
    - Metal housing, durable used
    - 4 digital display
    - Child lock function
    - Safety device protectAerogaz 70cm Vitro Ceramic Induction Hob AZ-7348VC
    - Front touch control operation
    - 3.1kw max power
    - 2.2KW speed zone(diameter 210mm)x1
    - 2.2KW speed zone(diameter 210mm)x1
    - Individual residual heat indicators:2
    - Actual dimension: W714 x D424 x H75mm
    - Cut out size: W670xD398mm

    Power Supply:Aerogaz 70cm Vitro Ceramic Induction Hob AZ-7348VC
    - Voltage: 220V-240V~
    - Frequency: 50/60Hz
    - Power: 2800W

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