adidas Casual Shoes Ozelia Gray Dark Blue Retro Clover Men's Sports Daddy [ACS] GZ4881

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  • - Item Model Number: GZ4881adidas Casual Shoes Ozelia Gray Dark Blue Retro Clover Men's Sports Daddy [ACS] GZ4881
    - Commodity Price: 3890
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    - Product Features:
    ** The Upper Is Made Of Suede, Nubuck Leather, A Variety Of Material Stitching, With The Streamlined Shape Of The Shoe Body To Create A Visual Effect With A Sense Of Thick Technology.
    * Midsole Uses Full-Legged adiprene Technology To Provide Soft Comfort On Both Feet.
    ** Rubber Outsole For Effective Grip And Wear Resistance.adidas Casual Shoes Ozelia Gray Dark Blue Retro Clover Men's Sports Daddy [ACS] GZ4881
    ** Some Materials Are Made Of Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials, Which Not Only Effectively Reduce The Weight Of The Shoe Body, But Also Make It More Environmentally Friendly.

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