【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)

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Brand owned Unknown, 【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL) cheapest $8 sale since launch 52 item sold with 28 likes and reviews 16 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in SG so Feeship
  • Pet Type: Dog
  • Product Description【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)

    Product: Pet Foot Cleansing Foam
    Volume : 150ml【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)
    Ingredient : Natural Plant Extracts
    Shelf Life: approx 36 months

    FEATURES:【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)
    Benefit : Clean & Refreshing, Moisturizing, Prevent Dry Cracked, Balanced Care, Deeply Nourish Pet Paws.
    Suitable for Cat , Rabbit & Dog.
    No need to assemble or fill with water,1 press is ready to use.

    Usage/ Cara mengguna :
    1. Shake before pumping out the cleansing foam.
    2. Gently apply and scrub on pet’s paw/foot.
    3. Wipe it off with a tissue.【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)

    1 Paw Foot Cleansing Foam (50 mL)【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)

    1. Minor colour difference maybe exists due to different light and monitor setting.
    2. Goods sold are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.【SG Stock】Pet Paw Foot Cleaner Foam Dog Cat Foot Shampoo Only Without Air Dry (150 mL)

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